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Redhead Gets Pussy Filled With Monster Cock

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Watching sexy Atlanta getting fucked by a muscular black man was extremely erotic, but the best part was the fact that she didn’t even know who she was fucking! After being blindfolded first, Atlanta started to strip off her clothes carefully. Her partner came into the room and took out his monster dick. Poor Atlanta really had no idea what’s in store for her little white pussy!

Brooke’s Secret Interracial Fantasy Cums True

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Brooke had a crush on her ‘s friend, Darnell, but she would never admit it, nor would she dare to act on her crush. She had never fucked a black guy before, and she was a little afraid that she couldn’t handle such a huge dick. Whenever Darnell came over, Brooke would resort to masturbating in her room while thinking about him. Watch the full video here!

Blonde Chokes On Huge Black Cock

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

This blonde babe has got the cutest, roundest little ass you’ve ever seen and she is not afraid to show it. In fact, she’s so proud of that ass that a lot of times she wears the shortest skirts you and no underwear.  Watch her work her goods in this hot interracial video!

A Huge Black Cock in a Tiny Sexy Teen

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Maya gives into her relentless cravings for black cock in this hot interracial video. Watch as she jumps at the chance to grab hold of our black stud, work his cock in every way imaginable and then take a huge facial, licking up every drop!

Hot Interracial Couple Sucks And Fucks

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Sexy blonde bombshell licks on some black lick like a lollypop in this incredible interracial video. Her small shaved pussy gets stretched out and penetrated deeply as she screams for more. Check out the free video trailer now at!

Slutty Amaera Loves Big Black Cock

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Amara is one sexy little teen with a tiny shaved pussy and a craving for huge black cocks. Watch her small tits jiggle a little as she gets anal fucked by a big black dude.

Melissa Will Put Anything in Her Mouth

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Melissa will only fuck black cock. She’s a tiny white girl with a killer body and she inspires nasty thoughts in the minds of every black guy she meets. They all know about her: how she loves black dick, how she craves it and how, once a black cock is in her face, Melissa will suck it dry.

She went to a hotel with her new big black boy toy and pulled off her top. Her tiny little titties bounced and she squeezed her nipples sending a shock of desire though her cunt. Then she bent over in front of her guy and his camera. She pulled her skirt down to her ankles, and then pulled off her panties. Her white pussy was shaved bald, and her little pink pussy lips were already slick with juice.

Her big black stud wasted no time in getting his prick out for Melissa to suck. She dropped to her knees and grabbed him. She hungrily gobbled up his prick, sliding her lips as far down his dick as she could. He watched as her little white face swallowed up his enormous rod. Then he laid her on the couch. He took his huge member and rubbed it against her wet snatch. Once his prick was wet, he grabbed Melissa’s hips and shoved his cock deep into her asshole. Melissa opened her legs wider and began to rub her clit. She groaned as the big black dick penetrated her deeper and deeper. She fingered her clit so hard that she released her orgasm all over her guy’s balls. When Melissa was done cumming all over that big black dick, he pulled out and stroked his prick over her waiting mouth. Soon he shot his creamy cum in her mouth.

Georgia Gorges on Black Dick.

Monday, March 15th, 2010

All of Georgia’s boyfriends had always told her that she gave the best head they had ever gotten. She loved to suck a guy’s cock until his eyes rolled back in his head and he covered her lips and tongue with their stick goodness. But Georgia had only ever blown white guys. She was very surprised when she first blew a black man.

Georgia’s new boyfriend was a tall, well-built black guy with an enormous cock. Georgia was such a tiny girl she was a little scared to take on this new, huge cock. But one night, after several cocktails and a lot of persuading, Georgia got on her knees and opened her pink mouth.

Her boyfriend stuck his enormous black prick between Georgia’s pink lips and she gasped at the size. But as she began to bob her head up and down over his huge throbbing shaft, Georgia started to really enjoy having his cock make her open her mouth wider and wider, and she began to deep-throat his prick. But she wanted more: she wanted to feel that gigantic rod buried between her other pink lips.

Georgia pulled her skirt up and revealed her naked pink pussy. Her boyfriend took the opportunity to roll Georgia over on her hands and knees and take her from behind. Georgia screamed when he entered her; he pushed into her cunt and slowly thrust deeper and deeper, stretching that snatch wider than Georgia thought it could go. As he thrust faster, Georgia felt the head of the black dick hit her spot, and she came all over his cock, covering the black prick with her white cream.

When he was ready, her boyfriend pulled his cock out of Georgia’s pussy and drove it into her asshole. She screamed again, but immediately came with the final thrust as he ejected his hot load of white cum from his black cock deep in her white ass

Jasmine Does It in the Dark

Friday, February 19th, 2010

When we first brought Jasmine into our studio, she seemed so nervous that it started to rub off on us. Here was this young girl with beautiful perky breasts that we just had to get on camera, but we knew that the minute we brought in our stud, with his incredibly huge black cock, that Jasmine would head for the heels. That’s when we got a brilliant idea; we told her that the shoot was for a fetish site and that she’d have to agree to do everything blindfolded.

That did the trick, and when we brought out our guy, Jasmine was none the wiser. He went to work sucking on her nubile breasts, getting her worked up and turned on so that by the time she finally reached down and got a load of the massive ten inch cock waiting for her, there was no turning back. If anything, it seemed to turn her on like we never expected!

Jasmine grabbed our guy by the hips as she fells backwards onto the couch, throwing her legs open wide and pressing her hips forward, almost as if in desperation. The signal was clear, she needed to be banged!

Our guy was more than the man for the job. As he slid his huge cock into her tender little pussy, it was only a matter of moments before Jasmine was gasping for air, and furiously working her clit with her own hands, grinding hard against our guy all the while, trying to take in as much of him as possible.

Jasmine had no idea what it was like to be with someone with such a huge member, and she seemed shocked when seconds later, she was shaken by uncontrollable spasms and came to a shuddering orgasm, her pussy soaking the thick black cock that was still reaming her.

Thoroughly fucked, she fell off the sofa to her knees, and grasped blindly for the tool that had done the deed. She found it and began to stroke for all she was worth, her mouth held open with her pretty pink tongue poised to take every last drop of cum that our guy had to offer.

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Aaralyn Gets More Than She Bargained For

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

For as long as she could remember, pretty young Aaralyn had lusted after thick, black cock. All she could think of, day in and day out, was what it would feel like to have massive black cocks filling up and stretching out each and every one of her fuck holes, leaving her aching but satisfied. We gave Aaralyn the opportunity to fulfill her dream by putting her in front of the camera with one of our biggest stars!

You could tell Aaralyn was nervous as she unzipped our guy’s jeans and reached in, pulling out his thick nine inch member. As she nervously stroked his dick and tried to make chit chat, it only grew bigger and bigger. Her eyes grew wide with disbelief as the nine inch monster grew to a full foot right in front of her!

Just when it seemed like her nerves were going to get the better of her, our guy took control of the situation, reached forward and slid his cock into Aaralyn’s trembling nervous mouth and down her wet, ready throat. Her look of shock quickly transformed into one of dazed lustiness, as she greedily sucked and licked up and down every inch of the black pole that she had hungered for.

When she had him ready to go, our guy took Aaralyn and slowly lowered her onto his lap, violating her tight virgin fuckhole one agonizing inch at a time. Aaralyn’s eyes were practically rolling back in her head as the exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure spread over every inch of her body. The massive cock thrusting in and out of her left her completely stunned, unable to vocalize anything other than a deep moan.

At last, her other holes having had their fill, our guy turned Aaralyn around and put her on her knees. Taking his place behind her, he gripped her beautiful round cheeks in his colossal hands and slid into her young, tight pussy, stretching it to and beyond its limits. The sensation was too much for Aaralyn and she cried out, immediately coming to orgasm and soaking his hard cock with her sweet cum. He continued to pound her beautiful white pussy as she collapsed into a breathless heap, contented to let him use her hungry holes any way he pleased.

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