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This Horny Slut Loves to Ride the Biggest Black Cocks She Can Find

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Lexileigh has a nice, tight little body that must be really hungry for cock because she could not wait to get her little hands and cute mouth on this massive black rod! She sucked at it like it was a lollypop, trying to fit as much as she could in her mouth at once.

After a while her partner started to think he might cum too early and decided it was his turn to tease! He pushed her onto her back on the couch and started licking and sucking at her sweet little pink slit. He sucked her clit and fingered her tight snatch while she moaned and writhed in pleasure. Finally, she could take it no more and inted on having that big dick in her tight pink pussy!

He put her on her knees and slowly pushed into her from behind. His massive cock stretched her tiny cunt and he d himself deeper into her. Slowly he increased speed until he was pounding into her and she was screaming and moaning for more.

Then it was his turn to cum and he pulled out of her slit and sat over her face. Jerking himself off, he cam all over her face and she licked herself clean with a smile on her face.

Aaralyn Loves to Suck Huge Black Cocks Before Riding Them

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Frankie loves having tiny little white sluts suck on his huge black cock. For him, there’s just something about having a little pink mouth with lips wrapped around his shaft. Just thinking about having a little white hottie slobbing his knob gives him a raging hard on.

Frankie’s girlfriend Aaralyn is just that kind of dirty white girl. Aaralyn loves to suck Frankie’s black rod; she loves it so much, she does it every night. But her favorite thing to do is have Frankie videotape their sexcapades. So when Frankie suggested that she suck him off while he held the camcorder, she eagerly agreed.

Aaralyn pulled Frankie’s dick out of his jeans almost before he could turn the camera on. She hungrily devoured him, starting with just the head first, then working her way down his shaft. The more of his cock that she gobbled, the more he wanted to fuck her throat. He started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth and she licked and sucked him, loving the feeling of almost choking on his member.

Frankie released his load of cum down Aaralyn’s throat, pumping her full of his hot white liquid. She licked her lips and then pulled her pants down, offering him her tight white pussy. Frankie spread her ass cheeks and dove his still rock hard dick deep into her already wet twat.

As Frankie fucked Aaralyn’s little pussy, he shoved his fingers into her asshole, making her push harder onto his prick. The more she leaned into him, the further he penetrated her. Her wetness engulfed his rod until he couldn’t hold on anymore. Frankie pulled his cock out of Aaralyn’s hole and sprayed his second load of the night all over her perfect round ass. As he came, Aaralyn shoved her fingers into her pussy and finished herself off, letting her juices spill down her legs.

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Sandra Loves Her First Taste of Black Cock

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Sandra wanted to be a porn star. But she had never jumped the biggest hurdle: interracial sex. Sandra felt like her pussy, though thoroughly fucked by a lot of white guys, could never handle the enormity of a huge black cock.

But, as often happens in the porn industry, Sandra was presented with the opportunity to fuck a black guy and the money was terrific, so she decided to take the job. He was very nice and admired her gorgeous body. Feeling a little more at ease, Sandra let him help her out of her skirt and left her standing there in a bustier and matching pink panties. He licked and sucked her big white tits and then made her bend over so he could grab her round ass.

Once Sandra was relaxed, she took off her already wet panties and opened her legs, showing her partner the pink rosebud between her legs. He licked at her twat, making her shudder in pleasure. Then he dropped his pants and offered his huge member for her to suck. She took him in her mouth and loved every thick inch of it pounding into her mouth. Her pink lips stretched around his cock the way her pussy would stretch in a few minutes.

Sandra spread herself open for her man, and he got down in front of her and plunged his huge black meat into her hole. She relished the feeling of opening up for a man, something she hadn’t felt in a long time. He sank deeper into her pink twat, and she let him fill her up. Sandra bucked her hips at his punishing pace. Sandra let him fuck her pussy raw, and then pulled him out and guided his dick into her asshole, letting him cum in her round white asshole.

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