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Loretta Lovin The 9 Inches

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Loretta is a very innocent girl. She’s only had two boyfriends, and though she has had sex, she’s never had a lot of sex. She was never very adventurous until she met Ray. Ray was a tall, well built black man who loved pink pussy. Ray promised Loretta to ride of her life, and Loretta wanted that ride; she went with him to his house and found out why white women love black cock.

Loretta removed her top and pulled down her jeans. She stood before Ray in her purple thongs panties. Ray bent her over and admired her perfect ass, and then he pulled her panties aside to get a look at her pink hole. He rubbed her swollen clit and then probed her tight ass with his fingers. Finally, he began to take off his pants: he was ready to get some white girl ass.

Ray dropped his pants for Loretta and she was shocked at the huge cock she saw. She groaned at the thought of this huge rod fucking her tight white pussy, and she greedily opened her lips and slid her lips on his cock head. She licked and sucked the enormous member, and Ray pushed his cock as deep into Loretta’s throat as he could. He fucked her mouth for a few minutes, and then pulled out of her mouth so he could fuck her cunt.

Ray sat on a chair and Loretta opened her thighs and sat on his lap. She let him stick his cock into her wet cunt inch by inch until she was completely filled up. She loved feeling his black rod fill her tight pink pussy hole, and she began to ride his prick. She moved her hips back and forth while she bounced on his prick. She moaned in pleasure as the huge cock hit her special spot again and again. Finally, Loretta covered Ray’s black cock with her pussy juices. Now it was Ray’s turn. He pushed Loretta to the floor and stroked himself off until he sprayed his cum in her mouth.

Tiffany Just Loves to Get Spanked and Fucked In the Ass

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Tiffany just went wild over this black monster cock. She knew the guy had a massive one as soon as she saw him and she didn’t waste any time unwrapping this free gift. She wasn’t disappointed by his smooth 12-incher. As soon as he was naked she got to work. She pulled her clothes off, showing her gorgeous boobs and started rubbing and sucking the guy’s throbbing dick as soon as she could. He groaned loudly as she pumped his length with her willing hand and twisted her fingers around his width as she deep-throated the silky black head with her soft tongue. He grabbed her hair, pulling it hard and making her even wetter between her legs as she expertly fucked his cock with her mouth.

Tiffany can take anything in her mouth, cunt or ass. She could even handle this huge fucking machine inside her. Feeling him fill up her greedy cunt made her groan and cum hard and fast, but when he slid it up her tight asshole, she couldn’t believe her luck. His big balls slapped against her wet slit as he fucked her ass, leaving her screaming with pleasure at being serviced by a gorgeous black cock like his. She loved it so much that she even spread her ass cheeks apart to help him push inside her. And of course, she couldn’t stop playing with her tits and rubbing her clit while he was fucking her incredible asshole. This is one nasty, horny slut who just can’t get enough.

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